Great product. Nice to know that in my day to day use I'm adding extra health benefits from this oil. Does not have a strong taste and is nice with anything in cooking. I even put a little in my dog’s food for the extra omegas.

  • JJ (Social Nature)

I like the flavour of this organic oil. The best ever. I used it in my salad. Aroma of this flavour is so nice. I would love to buy this product again.

  • Ami P (Social Nature)

I love this cooking oil because it's a great alternative to avocado oil, which I've been using to cook for a while now. I like the light nutty flavour and the fact that my family and I can get our omega-3s without tasting fish; I find it very difficult to get my kids to take omega supplements because they don't like the taste. I've used this oil as an alternative to canola in a zucchini bread recipe - the result was a moist bread packed with goodness and the kids got their omegas, too :) I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to add more omega-3s in their family's diet.

  • Maria V (Social Nature)

Pleasantly surprised by how versatile this oil was. It was a great oil for high temperature cooking and for baking. It was also a wonderful addition in salads as a fat to bind with any citrus I was using; to create a dressing. This oil has a nutty taste, but it’s light and tolerable. The nutritional profile was also excellent. It’s rare to find a plant-based product oil with a good concentration of omega-3. Overall, I would recommend this oil to anyone looking for an alternative to olive or coconut.

  • Maggie K (Social Nature)

Wow, this is definitely a product I would buy over and over again. I thought I would never replace my olive oil that I've been using for years, but I was wrong this is way better. The name alone would sell me. It says it all and I love that it doesn't burn fast like olive oil. I love the nutty flavour that enhances the food flavour and of course all the health benefits are a bonus. Love, love, love this product. Thank you for the sample.  I would have never tried it or known about if I didn't have this opportunity.

  • Susan L (Social Nature)