Cooking Oils 101

Smoke Point

Smoke point refers to the lowest temperature where the cooking oil starts to burn and produce smoke.  Different oils have different smoke points, which means not all oils are suitable for high heat cooking.   For example, conventional flaxseed oil, which has a smoke point up to 225ºF /107ºC is only suitable for no heat and low heat cooking.  With a low smoke point, you can only use conventional flaxseed oil for cold dishes, salad dressings and dips, and as a nutrition supplement.

Using the right type of cooking oil is necessary to ensure the oil does not give off the burnt and off taste to your foods.  From the nutritional standpoint, the nutritional properties of the oil are destroyed once it is heated beyond its smoke point.  When an oil is overheated, it produces free radicals, which are harmful substances that may affect your health over time.

While conventional flaxseed oil has limitations, Alligga™ offers a line of flaxseed cooking oils that is suitable for high heat cooking.  Through proprietary innovative filtration technology where no chemicals are added, Alligga™ flaxseed cooking oil can withstand higher temperatures with a smoke point up to 482ºF/250ºC.  With a higher smoke point, you can add versatility to your homemade dishes.  Whether you bake, roast, saute or stir-fry with Alligga™ flaxseed cooking oil, you can rest assured that our oil is safe for everyday use in the kitchen.  


Storage Tips 

Flaxseed oils are known for its high omega-3 fatty acids content. When the oil interacts with air, the chemical structure of the oil changes and breaks down to produce unpleasant odour and flavours, which we refer to as rancidity. Alligga flaxseed oil has a shelf life of about 3 years from the date of production and in its unopened bottle. To ensure your bottle of Alligga™ flaxseed oil stays fresh, we suggest you to:

  • Refrigerate after it is opened
  • Make sure the container is tightly closed after each use
  • Store the oil in its original opaque container