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Key Benefits

Our products contain several nutrients that are essential to a healthy life.


Alligga is a proud All-Canadian brand committed to providing natural health products for a complete and balanced lifestyle.

Our 100% natural products can be traced to the raw, Non-GMO flaxseeds, harvested from our rich and fertile Canadian Prairies. Our flaxseed oil is extracted, using our unique cold-press filtering system, in our GMP Certified manufacturing facilities in the heart of Canada.

Our products are then distributed throughout North America, Asia and the world.
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Many Happy Customers

  • Maggie K (Social Nature)
    Pleasantly surprised by how versatile this oil was. It was a great oil for high temperature cooking and for baking. It was also a wonderful addition in salads as a fat to bind with any citrus I was using; to create a dressing. This oil has a nutty taste, but it’s light and tolerable. The nutritional profile was also excellent. It’s rare to find a plant-based product oil with a good concentration of omega-3. Overall, I would recommend this oil to anyone looking for an alternative to olive or coconut.
    Maggie K (Social Nature)
  • Maria V (Social Nature)
    I love this cooking oil because it's a great alternative to avocado oil, which I've been using to cook for a while now. I like the light nutty flavour and the fact that my family and I can get our omega-3s without tasting fish; I find it very difficult to get my kids to take omega supplements because they don't like the taste. I've used this oil as an alternative to canola in a zucchini bread recipe - the result was a moist bread packed with goodness and the kids got their omegas, too :) I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to add more omega-3s in their family's diet.
    Maria V (Social Nature)
  • Lisa J (Social Nature)
    Thank you to Alligga and Social Nature for providing me with this product - Organic Flaxseed Cooking Oil. I do lots of high heat cooking especially the weekly Yorkshire pudding and I very needed to find an oil that is high quality and healthy. This product is a welcomed addition to my kitchen. The taste is perfect whether used in heat cooking or used directly on food. I have tested it many times for high heat and it fabulous and worth the price. It's nutty yet mellow taste works very well in dressings. My usual oil and vinegar dressing has been updated now. Worth the price, absolutely.
    Lisa J (Social Nature)

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