Alligga™ (A-lee-ga) is North America’s leading brand of natural food products that is created with healthy and natural living in mind.  From our best-selling flaxseed cooking oil to our roasted flaxseeds, we are committed to provide innovative, healthy, natural and exceptional quality of products to our customers.  Proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated, we hope to encourage our customers to adopt healthier lifestyles by creating products that enrich their lives.

Our Story

BG Health Group Inc. and the Alligga™ brand concept were created in 2001 soon after the founder was diagnosed with a heart condition.  After this diagnosis, he was determined to find natural and healthy remedies to improve his health.  He stumbled upon flaxseeds and flaxseed oil at a local market one day and was pleasantly surprised by their benefits after consuming them for sometime.  Since then, he dedicated his time and effort to learn more about these powerful seeds and oil to share with his family and friends.  As an avid culinary creator and entrepreneur, he often wondered why you could not cook with flaxseed oil.  With curiosity and ingenuity, he wanted to invent a line of food products that not only entice flavours of foods but also add health benefit.  Through numerous trials and errors, and product research and development, Alligga™ flaxseed cooking oil came to life. 

Locally grown.  Locally harvested.  Locally tested.

As a Canadian brand, we are dedicated to source wholesome ingredients and produce our products locally.  Our non-genetically modified (non-GMO) flaxseeds are grown and harvested from our rich and fertile Canadian Prairies.  Using proprietary innovative filtration technology where no chemicals are added, we have created North America’s first flaxseed cooking oil with a smoke point that is suitable for high heat cooking.  Providing quality products is our promise to our customers.  We work closely with our GFSI/SQF/GMP-certified facilities to ensure our products are produced and reviewed regularly under our quality assurance program.

Gateway to the Pacific

Headquartered in Richmond of beautiful British Columbia, BG Health Group Inc. is committed to provide quality products and exceptional customer service.  By establishing strong relationships with our qualified distributors and industry partners, our products are available throughout North America, Asia and the world.  To find where our products are sold in retail and online, click here.