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Why You Should Blend Up a Smoothie Today

By: Evita Basilio

blueberry-vanilla-smoothie2-300x300-150x150A smoothie is a drink composed of blended foods. You can do greens, other veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and more! The foods you add break down into liquid form, whilst still retaining all of their fibre and nutrients. The healthiest way to enjoy a smoothie is to make your own. Blending your own choice of ingredients assures you know how much of and what foods you are getting. 

Smoothies are an awesome nutrient-dense, quick meal on the go. It’s great as a meal before or after a workout and most importantly, they are an easy way to reach your fruit and veggie intake for the day. I like to sip my smoothie throughout the day to reduce cravings and keep me energized. Smoothies will also help to cleanse out your colon because they contain the fibre that will help to “sweep” out your intestinal tract.  

Adding healthy fats

Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil both contain the healthy fats our body needs. Our Alligga flaxseed oil is the perfect addition to your smoothie with 61% Omega-3s – the highest out of any other edible oil. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid which cannot be naturally produced by the body and must be obtained through our diets. Regular intake of Omega-3 has shown to protect against hypertension, inflammation, heart disease, immune disorders, arthritis, diabetes and constipation.

fat chart

Adding fibre and so much more!

Flax seeds contain both soluble and insoluble fibres. Soluble fibres dissolve in water and helps delay the emptying of the stomach, keeping you feeling full. They also affect the absorption of foods, which can lower blood cholesterol levels. Insoluble fibres helps speed up the movement of food and waste through the body. This type of fibre has a laxative effect and helps in preventing constipation.

Flaxseeds pack about 40 calories and 3 grams of fat per tablespoon of ground flaxseed. It’s a good source of protein with 1-2 grams per tablespoon. The same tablespoon of flaxseed supplies small amounts of potassium for a healthy heart and well-functioning muscles, as well as iron and zinc to boost your immunity. You also get trace amounts of thiamin, riboflavin and niacin, B vitamins that help your body turn food into energy. The seeds and oil will add a mildly nutty flavour as well, which pairs nicely with the fruits and veggies.

Need some inspiration? Chef Alana Peckham has created a tasty Blueberry Coconut Orange Smoothie recipe 


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