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Store It. Don’t Pour It.

By: Evita Basilio

It’s finally the holidays and with all the cooking for family and friends, you’re probably going to have a lot of leftover cooking grease. Do you know how to properly dispose of it?
Proper disposal is an issue because…
When fats and oils are poured down the drain, the fats and oils solidify and build up in sewer pipes. This eventually causes blockages that can result in sewer backups, property damage, and added costs to cities and municipalities

You should…Store fats and oils in an old disposable plastic container. When full, the container should be thrown out with regular garbage.

Businesses that need to dispose of used cooking oil…From individual restaurants to larger chains, school and hospital cafeterias, food manufacturers, and more, you can use the EcoZero service. Just store leftover cooking oil in bins and when bins are full, the oil and fat can be transported by EcoZero  to be converted to biodiesel in the BC area. Not only is there no cost to use EcoZero, they pay you for your used cooking oil. However, they take a maximum amount of 4000 L and a minimum of 16 L or 4 pails per pick up. West Coast Reduction Ltd. Also offers used cooking oil pick up.

How do I find out what my community is doing? 
Contact your local waste disposal provider or city/municipal government for available services and policies.


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