Roasted Flaxseeds

Wholesomely Delicious

Roasted FlaxseedsAlligga Roasted Flaxseeds are grown, harvested and manufactured from the highest quality fields of the Canadian prairies.
It’s tasty nutty flavour and crunchy texture are perfect for all your cooking and baking needs. You can eat these nutritiously abundant seeds as a snack or use it on your favourite recipe from savoury to sweet. Throw it in your yogourt, smoothie, muffins, or in your salad as a topper.
  • Excellent source of soluble fibre
  • Easy for your body to digest
  • Fantastic nutty flavour
  • Great alternative to Sesame seeds
  • High omega-3 content
The roasted flax seed diet is a rage now with it’s phenomenal nutritional value. The roasted version of whole flax seeds are healthy yet better in taste. If you like the taste, you may want to eat as much as you can. Normally, the outer shel of a whole seedl is insoluble and indigestible, passing directly through your digestive system with no nutrients absorbed by the body. However once roasted, the outer shell of the seed is broken and cracked, allowing your body absorb and digest all the nutrients and essential fatty acids. Even after roasting the seeds retain the same nutrition profile as raw flaxseeds making it a great way to get your own Omega-3.
Roasted flax seeds are high in fibre, which can offer numerous health benefits such as contributing to weight loss. Consumption of the seeds will keep you fuller for longer and further reduce appetite cravings. This ultimately results in eating less and more frequently, promoting a healthy digestive tract.
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