Flavoured Flaxseed Oils

Introducing Alligga’s five new flavoured flaxseed oils! Experience them as a tasty healthy supplement or a unique culinary compliment to your cooking.

Our unique flavoured flaxseed oils come in five distinct tastes to bring inspiration to your dishes. The bold flavours can be used as a highlight in your recipe or as a supporting ingredient to add that special flair in a healthy way.

The enticing heat of our chili flavoured flaxseed oil will give that extra kick to any dish and want you having more with each bite.

Brighten up your sweet and savoury meals with the refreshing taste of citrus.

Add that subtle roasted garlic flavour to any of your dishes either by cooking with this garlicy goodness or topping off with just a drizzle.

Tantalize your taste buds and travel the world with the exotic blend of spices found in our curry flaxseed oil.

Rosemary with love is what you will find when you add this flowery (or earthy) aroma and flavour to all your favourite dishes.

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