Flaxseed Cooking Oil

North America’s first flaxseed oil that can be used for cooking while providing all the healthy benefits of Omega-3! It is uniquely filtered with no additional chemicals, additives or preservatives to achieve a high smoke point like canola or other cooking oils. Not only is it good for cooking but also great as salad dressing, topping, dip, additive or supplement. Alligga is a different kind of flaxseed oil that is uniquely versatile with that great nutty flavour.

Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil

Often considered one of the healthiest edible oils on the market, flaxseed oil is mostly promoted for its high Omega-3 content. With its nutty flavor, flaxseed oil is typically used as a dip, salad dressing, additive or topping. It’s been known to have a low smoke point, which makes it unsuitable to cook with…until now.

Alligga’s™ innovative cold-pressing/filtering system has remarkably revolutionized this nutritious oil, making it a quality oil to cook with. Harvested from only organic non-GMO Canadian flaxseeds and processed in our GMP certified facilities in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil is a high quality, 100% natural, gluten-free, 100% Canadian edible oil that gives you great nutritional value. There are no added chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

 Alligga Flaxseed Cooking OilConventional Flaxseed Oil
Omega-3 Content59-61%52-60%
Smoke Point250ºC / 482ºF107ºC / 225ºF
Maximum HeatHighLow
Processing MethodCold-Pressed & FilteredCold-Pressed
Cooking UsesBake, Roast, SautéMinimal to none
Other UsesTopping, Salad Dressing, add/mix with food, dip, supplementTopping, Salad Dressing, add/mix with food, dip, supplement

Cooking Oil Comparisons:
Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil boasts a smoke point of up to 250°C/482°F, higher than other leading cooking oils such as olive oil, grapeseed oil and even canola oil. Its high smoke point makes it ideal for sautéing, baking, roasting or even stir-frying your favourite foods. Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil has the richest content of Omega-3 essential fatty acids than any other cooking oil.


Don’t feel like cooking, but still need the nutritional benefits of flaxseed oil?  Alligga™ can be used as a salad dressing, drizzled over fresh vegetables or as a tasty dip with artisan breads.

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Product Highlights

High Smoke Point (Up to 250ºC/482ºF)
Highest Plant Source of Omega-3 (ALA)
Organic Certified
Certified Organic
Non-GMO Certified
100% Canadian Product
GMP Certified Facility
Kosher Certified
Unrefined & Cold Pressed
100% Natural & No Chemicals
Unique & Revolutionary Filtration System


  • Improved Brain Development
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Reduce Heart Disease
  • Reduce Constipation
  • Improved Cardiovascular System
  • Reduce Risk of Cancer
  • Improves Hair, Skin & Nail health
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