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Omega-6 Fats

Like omega-3 fats, omega-6 fats are essential fats that we need to get from food. The four different types of omega-6 fats that are more commonly known are:

  • LA (Linoleic acid)
  • ARA (Arachidonic acid)
  • GLA (Gamma linoleic acid)
  • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

LA and ARA are most commonly found in foods, with LA being the most common omega-6 fat found in the diet. Like omega-3 fats, omega-6 fats are important for our health because they promote a healthier immune system, play a role in the body’s inflammatory response and regulate our genes. More research is underway to support their health benefits.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

How Much Omega-6 Fats Do You Need?

The amount of omega-6 fats you need will depend on your age and gender. The Institute of Medicine has established a recommended the minimum amount required daily for omega-6 fats. Refer to the table below to see the amount of omega-6 fats you need every day.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Foods with Omega-6

LA (Linoleic acid) and ARA (Arachidonic acid) are most commonly found in foods.

Foods with LA

  • Flaxseeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Canola oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Nuts and seeds

Foods with ARA

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Eggs

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Recommended Daily Intake of LA

Age Group Male Female
Birth to 6 months 4.4g 4.4g
7 to 12 months 4.6g 4.6g
1 to 3 years 7g 7g
4 to 8 years 10g 10g
9 to 13 years 12g 10g
14 to 18 years 16g 11g
19 to 30 years 17g 12g
31 to 50 years 17g 12g
51 to 70 years 14g 11g
70 years and up 14g 11g
19 years and up (Pregnancy) 13g
19 years and up (Lactation) 13g