The Debatable Fats – Saturated Fat 

Saturated fat is naturally found in animal products like cheese, butter, lard and eggs. You can also easily identify saturated fats in some foods, such as fatty cuts of meat where you see the visible marbling (the white colouring that is embedded within the meat) and the skin of poultry. Saturated fat can also be found in plant-based oils including coconut, palm and palm kernel oil, which the latter two are commonly used in packaged foods. Like trans fat, saturated fat has gotten the bad reputation as the bad fat because it can raise the LDL cholesterol level in the body.

In recent years, saturated fat has become the debatable fat because there have been studies suggesting eating less of saturated fat does not reduce your risk of heart disease.  There are also research studies investigating which types of saturated fat would have the most adverse effect on the heart. While this remains as a debatable issue, it is best to limit your intake of foods with saturated fat.