What is Flax Oil?

Highest plant source of Omega-3 available

Flax seeds come from the annual, blue flowered flax plant grown mainly in the cool northern climate of the Canadian Prairies. Coming in two varieties: brown and yellow/golden, flax is harvested once a year and consumed for its high Omega-3, fibre and other nutritional content. With the many health benefits flax can provide, some have considered flax a “super food”.

Flax seeds contain about 42% oil which is often extracted for the use as an alternative healthy dietary supplement. Flaxseed oil typically contains 52-61% Omega-3 ALA essential fatty acids and is considered a great vegetarian alternative to fish oil. It can help fight high cholesterol, heart disease, inflammation, immune disorders, arthritis, diabetes and constipation.

The extraction of flaxseed oil is done by crushing the seeds to allow the oil to trickle out. Quality producers use a cold-pressing process to ensure they get 100% natural pure oil, void of any additives or chemicals. Flaxseed oil is available in liquid form as an edible oil or as supplement softgels.

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