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Healthy, Shiny and Luscious Hair

By: Chantel Cheng

Flaxseeds are known for many health benefits such as the prevention of heart diseases, lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing of inflammation, improving development and memory etc. (Read more about the HEALTH BENEFITS of flaxseeds). Often overlooked by many people is the benefits of flaxseed for our hair.itchy-scalp

Flaxseed Oils can be used both internally and externally to benefit our hair, similar to our SKIN.

By consuming flaxseed oils on a daily basis, or as recommended by a physician, your hair will look healthy, vibrant and strong. The nutrients found in flaxseeds such as protein, calcium, iron and of course, omega-3s are crucial and important for the growth of your hair.

Dry and Brittle Hair?

Flaxseed prevent hair breakage. By including flaxseed oils or any flaxseed products in your diet, the high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseeds increases the elasticity of our hair allowing it to be stronger and less prone to breakage.

Balding and Hair Loss?

Eat and eat MORE flaxseeds. Hair conditions such as Cicatricial Alopecia, more commonly known as a permanent hair loss condition damages the follicles of our hair preventing healthy growth. With the high anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseeds, this condition can be ameliorated.  Isn’t that great?!

Dandruff Problem?

Flaxseeds can help with this too! The anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseeds not only helps with permanent hair loss but can also improve dandruff problems. Flaxseeds stimulate the production of sebum in the scalp reducing the possibility of dandruff, eczema and other scalp conditions. For those with extreme dandruff problems, flaxseed oils can also be mixed into you regular conditioner or even massaged directly onto your scalp once a week!

Luscious Hair? Yes please!

You don’t have to have dandruff to mix flaxseed oil into your conditioner! Flaxseed Oil conditioners can used to achieve healthy and shiny hair when used regularly. For a more luscious look, apply a small amount of flaxseed oil to your palm and massage it through your towel dried hair. If you have longer hair, feel free to add a little more of flaxseed oil and brush it out thoroughly. Wrap your hair in a warmed up towel and let the oil sit for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it out with a light shampoo. Remember not to use conditioner, there won’t be a need for that!

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