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Healthy Hippo Munchies Workshop

By: Evita Basilio

Over the August long weekend, Alligga had the opportunity to educate the Richmond community about healthy snacking and using the Alligga™ Flaxseed Cooking Oil to make three healthy, yummy dishes.

Partnered with the organization Libra Nutrition, the cooking and nutrition workshop was held by Alligga Corporate Chef Alana Peckham and Registered Dietitian Amy Yiu.

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You can enjoy snacks as part of your day. If you make wise choices, snacks can keep you energized and provide important nutrients. Young children especially benefit from snacks as they have small stomachs and may have trouble eating all of the foods they need at meal time. You can read more about how to snack healthy in our nutrition centre.

At the workshop, Chef Alana featured Dietitian Jojo’s flaxseed chicken nuggets recipe as well as Chef Alana’s Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Cookies and Maple Cinnamon Popcorn recipes. The recipes provide a healthy twist to your usual nuggets, cookies and popcorn.

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The addition of flaxseed oil increases the Omega-3 content of the food providing several healthy benefits: brain development and memory improvement, stronger immune system, reduces inflammation, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, fights heart disease and diabetes, and helps to give you smooth skin and shiny hair!

The workshop was a hit amongst both kids and adults and almost everyone walked away with full bellies and Alligga goodies. The next workshop will take place on Halloween, October 31st. Contact Libra Nutrition for more information on how to sign up!



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