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Food is the Best Medicine

Work with a Registered Dietitian to Meet Your Health Goals

If you are recently diagnosed with a health condition, you can feel stressed and lost initially on how to make adjustments to your lifestyle.  If you are living with a chronic disease, you can also feel overwhelmed with managing the condition.  The good news is, registered dietitians can guide you and give you practical and evidence-based advice on food in every step of your disease management so you can make healthy food choices and improve your health at ease.

Embracing and enjoying food is an important part of using food as a medicine to heal.  With guidance from dietitians, you can achieve your health goals by looking beyond the fads.  Dietitians utilize their knowledge of food and work closely with you to make the lifelong changes that are beneficial to your health while keeping your overall health and wellness needs in mind.

Food is beyond a medicine.  When you eat right and eat well, food can prevent conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  By guiding you on how to select, prepare, and enjoy foods in healthier ways, dietitians provide you with tools and tips on how nutrition can help prevent chronic diseases.

Like dietitians, Alligga™ believes choosing the right foods and eating sensible amounts can help improve one’s health.  Our line of cooking and flavoured flaxseed oils and roasted flaxseeds can add a bit of healthfulness to your diet by giving you your daily amount of omega-3 fats.  Whether you live with or without heart disease, omega-3 fats are essential fats that are known to benefit the heart.  It is also an essential nutrient for infants and young children’s brain, nerve and eye development.  Visit our Nutrition Centre to learn more about flaxseed oil and its benefits to your health.

Making long-term, positive lifestyle changes is key to longevity.  To speak with a registered dietitian in your area, visit Dietitians of Canada’s website,  Dietitian services are covered under most insurance plans.  Check with your insurance provider for more details.

For more information about Nutrition Month, please visit Dietitian’s of Canada’s Nutrition Month campaign on


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