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Food for thought, Food for Skin!

By: Chantel Cheng

cleansingStrengthens our immune system, helps with brain development, prevents cardiovascular diseases, these are all well-known health benefits of flaxseed oil. But little did you know, flaxseed oil is almost amazing for our skin both used internally and externally.

Gotta eat them all!

With its high Omega-3 content, Flaxseed Oil has shown to reduce inflammation. When ingested, flaxseed oil helps to minimise irritation on our skin, as well as any sort of redness and inflammation such as the clearing of blemishes, and the reducing of acne scars and pigmentation marks. As we absorb the essential fatty acids of flaxseed oil into our bodies, it also moisturizes our skin allowing it to look softer, brighter and more radiant. Check out our Alligga Flaxseed Oil Softgels for and quick and easy dose of omega-3s!

Lets Lather Up!
Did you know… flaxseed oil is also great when used on our skin externally! When directly applied to our skin, flaxseed oil can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It even smooths out wrinkles! What other beauty secrets does flaxseed oil have you may ask? Read on!

Dull and Tense Skin?
With the constant exposure to the sunlight in the summer time, our skin is often under a great amount of stress. In order to help relieve some of its tension and to ensure for smoother and more exciting skin, flaxseed oil can be used as a massage. A couple drops of flaxseed oil, warmed up in your palms, lightly massaged into your face can be a great additional weekly routine. You can either rise it off or why not leave it on for the night for a brighter glow to your morning skin.

Food for skinDry Skin?
If that isn’t enough, flaxseed oil is also a great moisturizer for our skin! A few drops of it can be added into your light-weight moisturizer and applied directly onto your face before you wind down and hit the bed!

Dark Under Eye Circles?
For those of you who are missing out on resting time and are starting to notice those under eye dark circles, flaxseed oil can reduce those too. By applying a thin layer of flaxseed oil under your eyes and lightly massaging it with our finger tips for a week, it noticeably helps to reduce dark circles leaving your eyes brighter than ever! Isn’t that just amazing? A bottle of Alligga Flaxseed Oil can leave your skin looking healthier and more radiant than ever!

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