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Five Small Steps for a Healthier New Year


Committing to a healthier “you” doesn’t have to be hard.  It’s easy to start with smaller steps until your healthy changes become habits.  Here are five small steps you can start in January to get the new year off on the right foot and recover from an indulgent December.


Commit to bringing your lunch to work three days a week


We get it, meal prepping can be tough and after a hard day at work, the last thing you want to do it is think about what you’re going to eat for lunch tomorrow.  In the middle of a tough day, nothing seems better than escaping the office for some decadent treat.  However, there’s a solution that’s far better for your wallet and your waistline and that’s the boring option of packing a lunch for work.   It doesn’t have to be boring though, there are tons of easy and delicious recipes to make that taste a lot better than a peanut butter and jam sandwich

Protein Power Quinoa Salad

McKel over at Nutrition Stripped has a great guide on building a healthy lunchbox 

Leftovers from the night before can also be a great option!  I love bringing leftover stews and soups like this Sweet Potato and Red Lentil Stew


Start your day with an easy healthy breakfast


Starting your day off on the right foot doesn’t have to involve waking up at the crack of dawn.  There are tons of fast options for when you just can’t help but hit the snooze button a couple of extra times.  

A Smoothie

A smoothie can be a great option to get a hit nutrition in a quick and easily digestible form.  It can be made in advance, or fresh in the morning, and with the addition of a protein powder and some flaxseeds, it can be made into a nutritionally complete meal.  Here’s a recipe from our corporate chef Alana Maas

Alligga Avacado Smoothie


  • 1 tbsp Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil (orange flavoured is my favourite)
  • 1 stalk kale
  • ½   avocado peeled
  • ¼  cup spinach leaves
  • ¼  cup diced mango or berries fresh or frozen
  • ½   cup almond milk
  • ½  cup (green) ice cubes

Combine in a blender and enjoy!

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a great option if you want something warm and filling in the morning.  Just assemble the night before and heat up in the morning for a fast breakfast. Steel cut oats increase the protein and fiber over regular instant oats, and the addition of flaxseeds and hulled hemp seeds boost the amount of protein and add healthy omega 3’s and 6’s.  Top with your choice of fresh or frozen fruit (berries are my favorite) to get in a serving of fruits


  • ⅓ cup of oats
  • ⅔ of a cup of almond milk (or your choice of non-dairy milk)
  • Tablespoon of hulled hemp seeds
  • Tablespoon of Alligga ground flaxseeds
  • Your choice of fresh or frozen fruits

Optional mix-ins

  • Teaspoon of maple syrup
  • Cocoa powder
  • Tablespoon of Peanut butter (or other nut butters)
  • Cinnamon, vanilla, or other spices you enjoy

Simply combine the night before and heat up in the morning!


Commit to eating more Greens


Eating a salad doesn’t have to be boring anymore, gone are the days of bland iceberg lettuce salads. They’ve since been replaced with tasty and nutrition dense greens like spinach, kale and collard greens, and can also be blended in smoothies or baked in the oven to make chips.  Nutritionally greens are a powerhouse containing an abundance of healthy vitamins and minerals including vitamins K, C, E and many B vitamins, as well as minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.   They also filled with fiber and create an unmistakable glow in your complexion (I call it green smoothie glow and it’s better than any highlighter on the market)


Add a tablespoon of Alligga Flaxseed to your diet (And your smoothie)


Flaxseeds are a great source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and possess an amazing ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 (something that is severely lacking in most western diets).  A proper ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids is essential for good health, lowering inflammation and decreasing the risk of heart disease.  Alligga flaxseed oil also has a high concentration of gamma tocopherols a potent antioxidant that makeup vitamin E.  There is an increasing amount of research that shows that they are extremely beneficial to include in a healthy diet as gamma tocopherols also have the unique ability to destroy existing toxic chemicals that damage cells and promote chronic inflammation.  A tablespoon of flaxseed oil a day is all you need to see the health benefits and it is easily incorporated with a teaspoon in a smoothie or a tablespoon in a salad dressing.  

Major Benefits of Flax

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Supporting Brain Development
  • Promoting Healthy Skin and Hair
  • Promoting Heart Health and lowering Cholesterol


Treat yourself once a week


So far we’ve talked about healthy changes to make for your body, but it’s important to not forget about your mind.  At this time of year, we can all get caught up in sticking to our New Year’s resolutions and also sticking to our new diets that we forget to take care of ourselves.  Self-care is very important, and it doesn’t have to mean eating a dozen donuts, it can mean taking a bath with an essential oil, using a new facemask or making time to read that new book you’ve been dying to start.


Just implementing these 5 easy changes will help set you on a healthier path for 2018!  Stay tuned for our next post on how to create the ultimate smoothie


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