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BG Health Group Open House 2014

          Hello and welcome back to another post by Alana, Corporate Chef for BG Health Group and Alligga. I would like to thank all of those who attended our Open House on Friday the 12th of December. It was a really nice evening of great introductions, conversations and most importantly delicious food sampling! Our head office was decorated to express the holiday season with lights, garlands and gift baskets all wrapped under the tree!2014-12-12 16.41.29

          To list the menu, we started with a selection of cold appetizers including a roasted red pepper dip with crackers and pita, a mint orange coriander hummus and a roasted garlic and flax seed hummus with fresh vegetables, chilled prawns with an herb sauce and a roasted red pepper & goat cheese bruschetta with a walnut & olive tapenade. Each of these dishes use the Alligga Flaxseed Cooking oil as its main oil component. All were really well received by our guests with the mint orange coriander hummus being a crowd favorite.

          Following the cold appetizers was a selection of hot entrees, which also highlight the use of the Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil. The Alligga Simple Pasta was a hit as it normally is at my store demos. A roasted chicken breast with ginger chili scallion compote, a chickpea and flax seed fritter with garlic dill yogurt and flax seed oil popped popcorn with a maple brown butter cinnamon drizzle finishes our hot food station.

    2014-12-12 16.30.52

      What would the holiday season be without some guilty pleasures? Not as a full and yummy as it could be, so naturally I baked some wonderful goodies to show case how great our flaxseed cooking oil is when used in baked goods. Now these delectable baked sweets are no longer filled with guilt as they provide a good amount of Omega 3s and have had their trans fats removed. To start, I baked banana bread (the farmers market favorite this past summer) and a spiced maple pumpkin raisin loaf. Ginger molasses spiced cupcakes with a butter frosting along with peanut butter cookies and traditional short bread rounded out the dessert selection. Our guests enjoyed the baked goodies so much we sent some of them home with cookies and cupcakes to go!2014-12-12 16.30.36

          As the evening came to an end we sent all of our guests home with a gift basket of Alligga products and bellies full of tasty food all made with our healthy flaxseed cooking oil! I wish all reading a very Happy Holiday Season and a fantastic New Year!!!!


Alana Peckham

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