Alligga™ Plant Based Protein

Protein Powders have become extremely popular in North America due to their ease of consumption and nutritional benefits. Plant-based diets require thoughtful consideration to ensure your body is receiving all the essential nutrients. With a multitude of organic ingredients, our plant-based enzyme blend, along with a protein blend focused on digestion, is what you need to avoid bloating and discomfort. All Alligga® products are free from fillers and artificial ingredients.

Made to mix easily and have sweetness perfected for your palate just by changing the amount of preferred liquid. As always Alligga® is all-natural, zero sugar added, athlete-tested and made with your everyday use in mind.

Product Highlights:

• Sprouted, Organic and Fermented Protein Sources

  • 25g of Complete Protein (5g BCAAs)
  • Fortified with Key Plant-based Enzymes to optimize digestion
  • Blended with calcium and fermented ingredients to support the macronutrient profile of the female body
  • No added sugar
  • Low Carbohydrate and Fat Content
  • Aids in weight management (helps people feel fuller longer)
  • Helps build muscle • Help repair damaged muscles and tissues after a workout
  • May reduce inflammation
  • May lower blood pressure
  • May help relieve symptoms of Type 2 diabetes
  • May be easier to digest than whey-based protein powder, as sprouted protein sources increase bioavailability, digestibility and absorption.

Ingredients: Plant based protein blend (fermented pea protein isolate, organic sprouted pumpkin seed protein, organic fermented sprouted brown rice protein, organic sprouted quinoa), natural vanilla flavours, plant-based enzyme blend* (protease i, protease ii, cellulase, phytase), sea salt, tart cherry, pineapple, papaya, coconut oil, Rebaudioside-A (from stevia leaf extract). Contains: Tree nuts (Coconut).

Suggested Uses:

  • Use Alligga® Plant Based Protein Powder to boost your intake of amino acids, help build and repair muscle and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Simply take a scoop of Alligga® Plant Based Protein and mix with water or milk, or add to your smoothies or test in baking. Because of our unique blend, there will be no gritty, sandy, mouth-feel usually associated with plant proteins.