I will now recommend it to all my clients and followers

I enjoy cooking with Alligga flaxseed oil in my tofu kale stir fry as well as using it as my salad dressing because of the great nutty taste. I am also excited to find an alternative to canola oil for cooking. And with such a simple and unrefined processing method, I will now recommend it to all my clients and followers.”

– Ali J. Chernoff, Registered Dietitian


It was really great meeting all of you at the Health & Wellness Show last weekend. I’ve been using the Alligga Flaxseed Oil that I picked up at the show for the past week on pretty much everything I’ve been cooking from seafood jambalaya to eggs and all my stir fry recipes. The flavour is outstanding and both my wife and I love it. Being a life-long foodie, I haven’t found a cooking product so tasty and so good for you at the same time! I think I may be addicted. Hope you guys start getting onto lots of grocery store shelves soon before I run out of your flaxseed oil!

– GM Changer


As a full-time working mom I am always looking for ways to incorporate natural and healthy food products into our weekly meal plan. Over the last few months I have started using Alligga Flaxseed Oil as our primary oil. With a high smoke point and rich in Omega 3s, I use it as a base for all of our salad dressings and also to make some of our family favourites like yam fries;  and the fact that I am supporting a Canadian company is a bonus. Thanks for the great product.

 – Lisa
Mom & Full Time Working Professional


I’ve been using it on everything.  It’s almost gone.  I made a pot of leek and potatoe soup yesterday and the soup turned out soooo yummy.

As you know, we eat salads almost every night and I’ve gotten into making my own salad dressings as they are way better tasting than the store bought ones.  I used the flaxseed oil in my dressing and it turned out great.  I’ve used it on it’s own and also mixed it with olive oil.

I’ve also used the flaxseed oil in our pasta and combined it with butter, homemade garlic basil pesto and parm cheese  – sooooo good!

I use a bit of the flaxseed oil in my stirfrys too as I know it’s healthy for you.  Between the healthy oil, the tons of vegys and lean meat its the perfect heathy meal and really tasty.

The oil seems to work in anything.  I haven’t tried baking muffins or cookies with it yet but I bet it would work.

Thanks again for letting my try it.  I have this mentality from the old days that too much oil isn’t good for you but I’m changed my thoughts on it.  I don’t feel guilty using it in any of my cooking as they are saying that this type of oil is really healthy for you.

The other thing is that it doesn’t seem to burn too easily like butter or olive oil does. Anyway, thanks again. I do like it!

 – Marta, Homemaker

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